By Mohegh / Limited Edition /CUFK PAINTED


Limited Edition

Wahed Khakdan is the contemporary Iranian painter-Artist. He used to paint a red wooden rocking horse ( a toy for kids ) in his works. AmirAbbas Kashef (architect-artist) decided to make this horse as a new object inspired by Wahed’s paintings. Neshiman made the prototype, and Mr.Kashef Came to visit, but he did not like the prototype and canceled the project. Mohegh asked Kashef:  “ if you don’t like it anymore I will take it! ”, Mr.Kashef accepted. On the same day, Mohegh went back to the factory and asked the craftsmen to cut the legs, tails, and ears of the prototype. He changed its character from a realistic horse to a simple cartoon horse. After 1 year because of the passion Rastin ( Mohegh’s son ) for this new horse, Mohegh decided to design a new version of Cufk for Rastin to play with  “ a spinning horse ” instead of the nostalgic version: “the rocking ones”! Each version is unique, based on the customer’s taste or the designer’s decision. Few of these limited editions:  Lollipop, Checkered, Zebra, Burned-Ass (shown photo), 2 souls in a body! and the last one is the melted edition!