NESHIMAN was established in 1997 in a small furniture store named "Lamkade" beside a small workshop in the basement of a residential building.

In all the past 22 years we were persisting to make high-quality products. It is about 10 years which We were working on original designs, seriously! In that way, we have a good resume on cooperating with the best Iranian designers, architects, and artists.

This kind of attitude helped us to achieve honor-positions such as Winning international design awards like reddot and getting invited to present in some international shows such as downtown design - Dubai. But that was never enough and we eagerly keep aim for the bigger things like having more than 7 showrooms in all big cities of Iran and started to get to the international market like having a branch in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In the way of design and quality, we faced by crafts! Which we have a big variety of them such as carving, mosaicking, hand mirror works, hand weaved products, etc.

Now we believe the product's soul originates from the human's interaction with the product. Adding crafts by craftsmanship injecting thing on the outputs of machines which we called "Soul".

Because of that, it is our slogans: SOUL-MADE PRODUCTS


Designed and Qualified by NESHIMAN

Iran, Shiraz