17 years of making high quality products and trying to make original designs by Iranian designers in various fields of design all across Iran; gathering and also educating a team to work in manufacturing, design, quality control, research and development, to provide a product which that is valuable, worthy and deserving for Iranians with international standards; restricting the use of low quality and below the international standards of raw material and products such as MDF; Valuing and considering corporate social responsibilities in environmental issues in product life cycle and minimizing the use of non-recyclable raw materials


Neshiman, resembles a teenager whose parents have institutionalized the initials of success in him as a result of years of hard work. We have covenanted for years not to gratify for being less than “one of the bests” in the world. We believe that we need to be better tomorrow than who we are today. We beilive“now” with all the hard days that we’ve brought in the past to live, is nothing yet for us. Neshiman expects everyone to know that we will not move towards the satisfaction of public taste and will do what is right. The existence of Neshiman is not determined by monetary values. The goals and ideals will grant him a new life. We have been in the worst economic situation prevailing in the world and have grown up with these beliefs. These hardships just made us stronger. Hence, eagerly looking forward to bright futures.